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  • How Leading Organizations improve Operational & Financial Resilience in 7 different cases using Cloud

How Leading Organizations improve Operational & Financial Resilience in 7 different cases using Cloud

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What You'll Learn

  • Why you must plan for organizational resilience now.
  • Why organizational resilience goes beyond a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How resilience impacts your ability to respond to short and long-term disruption.
  • How to prepare your employees to embrace and use new technologies.
  • How new technologies enhance organizational culture and mindset to better react to changing business, industry, and market scenarios.
  •  Why planned and adaptive capabilities position your business for future success.
  • How to reimagine ways of working, and shift structures and talent for rapid resilience and reinvention.
  • Why new technologies play a key role in effective problem-solving and the ability to surpass urgent business challenges.
  •   How technologies like cloud can help you manage the surge in customers and clients who are relying on digital channels.
  • Why you need to improve security and connectivity for your remote workforces via emerging technologies.
  • How prebuilt, predetermined systems can be a stronger enabler for transformation change than customized solutions.
  • Why process standardization is a driver for the creation and implementation of innovative solutions.
  • How to use new technologies to position your company for sustainable growth to better compete in a digital economy.
  • How to stimulate organization-wide value using an agile operating model.
  • Why long-term technological solutions can be more beneficial for digital transformation than short-term fixes.
  • How to overcome disparate systems that accelerate information silos that hinder data effectiveness.
  • Why an integrated technological approach accelerates process, analytics, and data democratization continuity.
  •  How to empower workforces through tools and capabilities that improve their core functions.
  •  Why you need to adopt capabilities that scale and evolve beside rapidly changing environments and user demands.

Course Content

Digitize Your Business

Reinvent Your Growth

Standardize Your Processes

Unify Your Data Model

Drive Your Collaboration

Adopt Your True Cloud and SaaS

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Learn from Innovative Industry Leaders & Experts in 7 Cases from Global Industry Leaders:

*Digitize Your Business - Western Digital Use case

*Reinvent Your Growth - Albelli Use case

*Standardize Your Processes - Llyods Use Case

*Unify Your Data Model - Argo Use Case

*Drive Your Collaboration - Cohu Use Case

*Adopt Your True Cloud & SaaS - Inland Revenue Use Case & Zoom Use Case

Business resilience is more than just a reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic; it’s about being able to better respond to both immediate and long term disruption.

The problem is…resilience is not an end-goal, it’s a continuous state of being. 

It comes down to: how can I reimagine ways of working, and shift my infrastructure for rapid recovery, reinvention, and resilience?

We have developed a practical, engaging white paper in partnership with leading global cloud and enterprise technology service provider, Oracle, and innovative industry authorities, experts, and practitioners to help you gain a robust understanding of true organizational and financial resilience. 

And you’ll see and hear from 7 top industry experts, practitioners, and authorities who help bring the concept into simple, easily understandable focus so you can apply the learnings into your own organization. 

This convenient, immersive digital white paper is available on-demand, and thanks to a dedicated sponsor, you can get it for free for a limited time.


What’s the advantage of this on-demand white paper over similar digital white papers?

Our on-demand white paper is a convenient way to learn and interact with content. Information is presented in a guided conversational format with exclusive video interviews, so you don’t have to struggle to disseminate information from lengthy texts and statistics. We feature cases and insights directly from leading organizations and authorities that help connect the learning experience to your own practices, strategies, and initiatives.Plus view the white paper from any device, anywhere, on your time and at your own pace.

Why is this white paper free for a limited time?

A dedicated sponsor, Oracle, has stepped in to cover the cost of a limited number of white papers to ensure people had the opportunity to experience this unique multimedia white paper for free. There’s no obligation on your part - so be sure to take advantage of this highly actionable learning experience now!

How can these cases help my company achieve its own transformation and organizational resilience objectives?

You’ll learn how 7 different global companies across multiple industries approached their own transformation journeys to overcome a range of urgent and ongoing challenges that impacted their ability to survive long-term in a digital economy. With an insider view straight from the sources, and an effective breakdown of key insights, you can more easily apply insights to your own initiatives.

Marius van Niekerk

Technically very well done and easy to understand. High level overview: Go from manual processes to automated; Use a single ERP system; Be able to scale. Sounded a bit like an ERP advert, and repetitive. I'm afraid, no real lessons learnt. Would be more interested in more about resilience, coping through the pandemic, the real benefits of ERP. (e.g. how can I go to my board and sell this idea).

Jc Choeng


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