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  • How Leading Innovative Organizations Use Artificial Intelligence to Maximize Performance in 9 Different Cases & Applications

How Leading Innovative Organizations Use Artificial Intelligence to Maximize Performance in 9 Different Cases & Applications

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  • English
  • 14 Chapters
  • Ronald van Loon
  • 4.5 hours
  • Intermediate
Last Update   13/11/2021 1077 Students enrolled
  • $2000

What You'll Learn

  • Why you can no longer afford to wait on advancing analytics and AI within your organization.
  • How analytics support business drivers for continuity, connectivity, agility, and intelligence while companies recover and plan for the future.
  • How to evaluate the current state of your organization and the role of analytics maturity in being able to successfully jumpstart analytics and AI initiatives.
  • How to achieve measurable impact along your analytics and AI journey and tend to specific milestones.
  •  How to adopt and use emerging practices like DataOps, AIOps, and MLOps.
  • How to maximize your existing or current data and analytics potential using different AI technologies.
  • How to define your business objectives and the factors that play a role in this process, and how you can use AI technologies to reach these goals.
  • Why AI can help you solve a particular business challenge or problem, and how to identify problems that can be addressed with analytics and AI.
  • How to identify if you have the available data, a relevant use case, the right capabilities, and the ability to scale an analytics and AI solution.
  •  How to involve key areas of your organization in an analytics and AI initiative.
  • How to ensure you’re not overlooking any potential risk or value factors across ethics, governance, and end-users when developing an analytics and AI strategy.
  •  Why data readiness and data growth are a key factor in any AI strategy.
  • How data governance drives accountability for enterprise-wide data.
  • The emerging impact of edge computing and its ability to impact your organization’s responsiveness and ability to take action where critical work is happening.
  • How to create an effective edge strategy to prepare your organization for emerging IoT and 5G use cases.
  • Why you need to develop and implement a data strategy, including how to tend to each phase of the data lifecycle.
  • How to anticipate and prevent roadblocks along your AI journey.
  • What the role of the data pipeline plays in analytics and AI failure and success.
  •  Why siloed and bad data prevent analytics and AI progress and success, how they occur, and what to do about it.
  • Why trustworthy, accurate, and high quality data is one of the main building blocks of analytics and AI.
  • Why you need to understand the role of data flow within your organization and its connection to analytics success.
  • How to develop a data lineage strategy to accelerate data-driven insights.
  • What contributes to a disconnected view of data and the role of data unification in your AI journey.
  • How to reconcile disparate data to improve decision making and performance.
  • Understand emerging trends that are driving analytics adoption and digital transformation acceleration.
  • How to actually enable analytics and AI services, and a breakdown of what other companies did to accelerate AI adoption.
  • How to get started on analytics and AI now and effectively manage your AI initiatives.
  • How to create your own practical roadmap for AI adoption.
  • What you need to do after you achieve your first small success with AI.

Course Content

Building Business Advocacy

  • Evaluate the current state20 mins
  • Defining business goals22 mins
  • Identifying problem statements together28 mins

Addressing the Entire Data Pipeline

  • Planning for data growth with edge to core strategy22 mins
  • Edge to Data Center ingest challenges24 mins
  • Moving from Bad Data & Data Silos to User Empowerment27 mins
  • Data lineage in the data flow17 mins
  • Establishing Data Frameworks17 mins
  • Unifying & Reconciling Data18 mins
  • Enabling Analytics and AI Services35 mins

Analyzing the Data; Data Cleansing and Normalizing, Data Models & Experiment

  • Get started on advanced analytics & AI now19 mins
  • Examples of AI in action37 mins

Acting on Data; Tuning & Distillation, Data Visualization & Data Deployment, Archiving Data

  • Implement Insights & Continually improve21 mins
  • Bringing it all Together & Capturing New Opportunities13 mins

Learn from Leading Global AI Innovators and Experts in an Immersive Digital On-Demand Experience Focused on Addressing Your Business-Critical Data, Analytics, and AI Challenges Through a Guided, Step-by-Step Course and Exclusive Expert Interviews.


9 Data, Analytics, & AI Use Cases from Industry Leaders:


Frontier Development Lab : Identifying problem statements together

Audi: Defining business goals

Intel : Edge to data center ingest challenges ; Moving from Bad Data & Data Silos to User Empowerment

Siemens Healthineers: Evaluate the current state ; Get started on advanced analytics & AI now

DeepSights : Planning for data growth with edge to core strategy 

Preferred Networks : Establishing data frameworks

LA Dodgers : Data lineage in the data flow

DC Water : Unifying & reconciling data

ClimaCell : Examples of AI in action


9 Globally Recognized Thought Leaders & Practitioners Share Their Experience:


Ronald van Loon, Founder and CEO, The Intelligent World


Alexis Crowell, Global Lead, IoT Marketing, Intel


Shashi Jain, Strategic Innovation Manager, Client Computing Group, Intel


Peter Shen, Vice President, Innovation & Digital Business, Digital Health, Siemens Healthineers


Rick Cnossen, Director, Cloud & Enterprise Group: AI & Analytics Solutions Development, Intel


Brien Porter, Solutions Lead, Cloud Enterprise and Government Organization, Intel


Edward Dixon, Data Scientist, Intel


Sandeep Togrikar, Cloud Solutions Architect, Data Platform Group in Cloud and Enterprise Segment, Intel


Parviz Peiravi, CTO Financial Services Industry Solutions, Intel


New leading businesses are data, analytics, and AI driven organizations. Business leaders and organizations already understand that they must start using data, analytics, and AI to improve decision making, performance, accelerate business goals, and succeed. But only 14% actually feel like they’re ready for this step according to recent research.

Transforming your organization is difficult.

And it comes down to: how can I make that organizational change and gain real outcomes and measurable impact from my advanced analytics and AI initiatives?

You need to know the strategies, sequence of steps, pitfalls, and successful real-world cases in order to define and prepare the right strategy for your organization. You can either find it out yourself, or you can learn from the practitioners who have done it before and achieved success. 

We have created a unique, practical course in partnership with leading innovative companies like Intel, Audi, Frontier Development Lab, Siemens Healthineers, DeepSight, the L.A. Dodgers, and many more, who overcome their own data, analytics, and AI challenges in order to gain new levels of success along their AI journey, or further advance an existing one. 

You’ll see and hear from 9 top domain experts who share their personal experience with you, provide in-depth advice and tips, and stories about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to adopting analytics and AI into your company.

Normally this on-demand course is $2,000, but a sponsor has stepped in to provide a limited number of free courses. 

This convenient course is designed with your time in mind; learn at your own speed in an easy to interact with on-demand format that is tailored to work on any device.

Ronald van Loon

CEO and Principal Analyst
The Intelligent World

Ronald van Loon has created and produced original recording and content with over 200 domain experts, including Oracle executives, Intel executives, CTO of Microsoft, CEO of HPE, CEO of Cisco, and many more. For years he's been a globally recognized top ten influencer and thought leader in AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Data Science, Digital Transformation, and Futurism, and uses his passion and enthusiasm for the industry to educate, inform, and inspire his 300,000 + active data and analytics fans.

He also applied his passion for sharing his knowledge to his approach of influencer and thought leadership marketing, and founded the Intelligent World. His determination to help B2B organizations advance their digital transformation, modernization, and resilience initiatives has led to the development and production of multiple on-demand digital educational series in partnership with some of the world’s leading technology companies.  


Alexis Crowell
Global Lead, 
IoT Marketing,

Alexis Crowell Helzer is senior director of artificial intelligence product marketing at Intel, where she and her team are responsible for technical positioning and messaging as well as outbound content and campaigns for Intel AI products. Alexis and her team partner with AI adopters across the industry from small device implementations to HPC clusters to launch products, showcase innovative use cases, and help other companies find their own AI path. She has an unyielding passion to deliver technology solutions that help businesses thrive. Over her rich career, she has run a cloud software engineering team focused on distributed computing and microservices integration, led the open source marketing efforts from Intel, and worked with many of the Fortune 100 companies to help incubate service offerings and deliver innovative products.


Shashi Jain
Strategic Innovation Manager, 
Client Computing Group,

Focused on Corporate Innovation strategy and joint Startup/Corporate projects. Early stage startup advisor. Professional Speaker. Teacher of invention education.

Shashi Jain’s work at Intel uses Lean Startup, Customer Development and Design Thinking to build new products within Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, and 3D Printing. He works with startups to accelerate these innovations to market. He brings a diverse skill set and 20 years experience in business development, engineering integration, rapid prototyping, and community building to his work.


Peter Shen
Vice President,
Innovation & Digital Business, Digital Health, 
Siemens Healthineers

In his successful 17-year career in healthcare, he has held a number of management positions, specifically focused on the introduction of leading software advances to the healthcare market, including product positioning, business strategy and driving customer value propositions for solutions in Imaging IT, 3D Advanced Visualization and most recently Data Analytics. Peter is an industry leader in the emerging Healthcare Imaging IT field, sitting on national healthcare standardization committees, engaging with major health providers and routinely speaking with leading technology partners. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University with degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Peter currently resides in Silicon Valley.


Rick Cnossen
Cloud & Enterprise Group: AI & Analytics Solutions Development,

Rick A. Cnossen is a global director in the Health & Life Sciences (HLS) Group at Intel. In this capacity, he manages several worldwide innovation centers which are developing the next generation of technology solutions to meet strategic HLS customer needs. 

Cnossen joined Intel in 2000 as an Engineering Manager and Director and was a founding member of Intel’s Digital Health Group in 2005, which formed a joint venture called “Care Innovations—An Intel GE Company” (www.careinnovations.com). Throughout his career, he has been involved in product development in many fields including; Healthcare Big Data and Analytics, Medical Devices, Telco Modular Servers, Tactical Defense, Hierarchical Data Storage, and High Performance Computing.

Brien Porter
Solutions Lead,
Cloud Enterprise and Government Organization,

Brien Porter is a proactive IT leader with over twenty years of experience with a keen ability to leverage the right technologies and personnel to achieve success. He directed a multi million-dollar private-cloud datacenter refresh project for First Republic Bank. He developed a cloud-Based Big Data platform to increase per-transaction online sales with machine learning. He has also assembled and led efficient technology-forward teams. He has proven expertise in managing IT for regulated industries, including compliance regulated by SEC, FDIC and FDA in the financial and pharmaceutical industries.

Edward Dixon
Data Scientist,

Ed Dixon helps companies and governments do more with AI. This could be any kind of AI, traditional machine learning, or deep learning. Day-to-day, he uses machine learning to solve business problems for his team and for other teams inside and outside Intel. This could mean verbal and written advice, a review of the relevant academic literature, or hands-on help with model-building, which might happen in Keras/Tensorflow, Spark+MLLib, Scikit-Learn, or whatever else looks like the shortest route to working code.

Sandeep Togrikar
Cloud Solutions Architect,
Data Platform Group in Cloud and Enterprise Segment,

Sandeep Togrikar has over 18 years of experience in software development and architecture with a focus on delivering innovative enterprise scale solutions on cloud and hybrid infrastructures. He specializes in databases and analytics, including all aspects of data engineering. Customer success, ecosystem stewardship, and partner enablement is a big part of his work. He focuses on balancing business and technology challenges, and delivering valuable solutions.

Parviz Peiravi
CTO Financial Services Industry Solutions,

Parviz Peiravi is a Principal Architect with Intel Corporation responsible for Enterprise Infrastructure solutions and design. He is primarily responsible for designing and driving development of Big Data, Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud computing architectures in support of Intel’s focus areas within Enterprise Computing across vertical industries such as FSI, Telco, Manufacturing, public sector, and Life Sciences. Parviz has designed large scale Clusters using Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and IBM DB2, Data Grid and Cloud infrastructure using Grid, SOA and virtualization technologies. The majority of his time at Intel has been in financial institutions working with cloud computing, big data, and AI.

Parviz has been with Intel for 22 years and is a recipient of Intel Achievement Award (IAA) and Intel Quality Award (IQA).

How long will it take me to watch these courses?

These courses are 4.5 hours total of fast-paced, immersive digital multimedia content dispersed over 14 comprehensive chapters. The on-demand format allows you to interact with the courses at your pace, and on your schedule.

Do I have to watch these courses in order?

The courses are designed to be watched in sequential order so you can understand key foundational concepts, transformational drivers, and emerging practices in relation to increasingly complex themes as they unfold throughout the series. The content is laid out in a way that helps you progress from building a working understanding of the basics to actually applying data, analytics, and AI practices and technologies into your own projects and organization, and what to do after you take these steps. However, each course is also completely self-contained and does not rely on or refer to the previous chapter(s) when presenting new content.In short, ideally you should watch in order but you certainly don’t have to.

Do I have to download any documents or videos?

No, you don’t need to download anything. These courses are available on-demand in a digital streaming format. As long as you have a device that can stream video, you’ll be able to interact with the content. These courses are also device-agnostic and are developed to work seamlessly on any device, anywhere you want to learn.

Do I need any pre-existing knowledge in order to benefit from these courses?

Our courses are designed for an intermediate knowledge level. Some existing knowledge of data, analytics, and AI are ideal in order for you to understand many of the themes, concepts, techniques, and technologies being discussed across the content. These courses were specifically designed for a B2B audience of executives, C-level suite, management, technical decision makers, infrastructure architects, data scientists, and AI developers in finance, healthcare, government, manufacturing, oil and energy, retail, and other industries who want to develop an advanced analytics and AI project, or bring transformational results into their operational processes, business models, and revenue streams. But for those individuals who have a more basic understanding or general interest in data, analytics, and AI, or who are industry enthusiasts and simply want to deepen their understanding and knowledge of these concepts, these courses can also be a valuable asset in your education.

Why are these courses free for a temporary time period?

A dedicated sponsor (Intel) has stepped in to cover the cost of the coaching courses for a limited time for a limited number of users so that they can have the opportunity to take advantage of this educational experience for free. The free spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. This is a no-strings attached offer; all you need to do is to claim a free voucher and register for the course - it’s that simple. So be sure to take advantage of this free offer for this exclusive on-demand coaching series, typically $2,000.00, to start gaining access to knowledge, insights, tips, and video interviews you’ll only find here. 

How do I know these courses will help me with my own data, analytics, or AI projects?

We, together with our partners at Intel, have extensively researched and been exposed to the specific challenges and goals facing B2B organizations in finance, government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and many more industries to target exactly where business leaders, management, decision makers, and practitioners are experiencing issues along the way in their data, analytics, and AI journeys. This information was then deconstructed and combined with the expertise, experience, and insights of Intel’s top IoT, Cloud, AI and Analytics Innovation Development, and Strategic Innovation experts, and top ten global thought leader and influencer, Ronald van Loon’s domain knowledge to form a curated, thoughtful, and actionable step-by-step guide into advancing the analytics and AI journey. We have eliminated the theoretical approach to on-demand courses that are pervasive in the industry in favor of sequenced, simple, and useful educational learnings and practices that can be practically adopted by users like you.  

What do these courses have to offer that are unique from similar on-demand courses?

The Intelligent World is the only organization in the world who has developed an entire coaching course in partnership with leading global technology innovator and market leader, Intel. Using the insights and experience from top practitioners, leaders, and experts in IoT, Cloud, AI and Analytics Innovation Development, and Strategic Innovation at Intel, we are providing an exclusive, targeted coaching series catered to the challenges and objectives of business leaders, technical decision makers, and data science and AI practitioners, like you. We feature information and video interview footage designed for and only available in these courses, direct from the experts and leading practitioners who worked with major companies like Audi, NASA, the L.A. Dodgers, Siemens Healthineers, DeepSight, Preferred Networks, DC Water, DataCubes, and many others on their transformational analytics and AI projects. You’ll learn directly from these authorities exactly how to take this information and apply it to your own data, analytics, and AI projects. 

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  • Technical decision makers & managers, infrastructure architects, data scientists, and AI developers who want to develop an advanced analytics and AI project.
  • B2B organizations who want to bring transformational results into operational processes, business models, and revenue streams to gain competitive differentiation through AI adoption.
  • B2B firms who want to accelerate change in the current COVID-19 climate that’s presenting new imperatives to become more digital and data-driven now.
  • B2B leaders who use advanced analytics and AI to better prepare for unexpected digital disruption in the future, and introduce more resilient practices into their business model.