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AI: Empower Your Company for an Intelligent Future

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  • 18 Chapters
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  • 3.5 hours
  • Intermediate
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What You'll Learn

  • Why you need to develop an AI strategy for your company and build initiatives around practical and attainable benefits.
  • Identify what you want to accomplish for your company with AI technologies.
  • Why you must use data as a core asset in establishing AI capabilities, and create robust data frameworks across governance, storage, and architectures.
  • Bridge the gap between business goals and IT and enforce your data strategy across all departments.
  • Identify and mitigate potential challenges that occur during AI strategy development.
  • Understand what AI can and can’t do to help your company.
  • Understand general AI tool capabilities, and how to use the different types of AI technologies such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and more.
  • AI knowledge gaps and misconceptions you need to be aware of before attempting to develop and define an AI strategy.
  •   AI technologies that improve customer experience innovation and competitive advantage.
  • Which customer-facing AI tools and solutions can help your company increase personalization and contextualization.
  • How to compliment human personnel capabilities with the right AI technologies for the customer experience.
  • Understand the use cases and applications of AI technologies in B2C and B2B customer experience strategies.
  • How to lay the technological groundwork for your AI initiatives, and build a basic technology foundation to sustain AI and Machine Learning.
  • Which methods and directions to utilize when you’re looking to attain and evolve AI.
  • How to prioritize specific investments to gain faster acceleration in AI capabilities.
  • Specific steps to take to build a path towards AI.
  • Understand where your company is at in analytics maturity and the connection to your ability to successfully implement and deploy AI.
  • Steps to take to gain analytics maturity and develop the analytical capabilities necessary for AI.
  • Challenges companies face in moving step by step in analytics maturity.
  • Identify where your company is in AI readiness.
  • Evaluate your ability to generate value from AI.
  • Why your approach to data science, culture, governance, ethics, business strategy, and your product and service developments impact your AI maturity.
  • Critical steps you need to take to align infrastructure, business processes, and functions, and optimization.
  • Role of C-level in preparing and readying teams and organizations for AI.
  • Why C-level must increase AI accessibility and trust throughout the organization and spread AI education.
  • Why you need to increase employee interest and involvement in AI initiatives.
  • How to attract, procure, cultivate, build, and retain the right talent, skills, and teams to support your AI innovation.
  • Why you must develop an AI culture for organizational AI readiness and create new, supportive structures and practices.
  • How to implement an AI-driven culture centered around a network and ecosystem of model research and development, skill mobility, information sharing, and learning.
  • Understand the ethical implications and consequences of AI misuse, mishandling, or noncompliance.
  • How to develop responsible AI frameworks to mitigate potential discrimination and prejudice, manipulation, mishaps, security breaches, compliance liabilities, and privacy violations.
  • Why every company must define and build their own specific ethical framework around government, industry, and legal regulations and principals.
  • Why it’s so important for companies to address bias and diversity when developing responsible AI frameworks.
  • Steps to take to minimize unintentional bias during AI model training.
  • Steps to take to effectively manage and overcome challenges related to AI risks and cybersecurity.

Course Content

What Do You Really Want from AI?

What’s Data got to do with it?

Identifying Challenges

How AI Can and Can't Help Your Company

Filling AI Knowledge Gaps & Correcting Misconceptions

Applying AI for a Real-Time Understanding of Customers

Augmenting the Customer Experience with AI Tech

AI Customer Experience Strategies for B2B

AI Customer Experience Strategies for B2C

Laying the Groundwork for AI

Defining Your Analytics Maturity

AI Readiness Roadmap

The Role of C-Level and leadership

Cultivating the Right Teams and Talent

Creating an Organizational Culture for AI Readiness

The Ethical Consequenses & Impact of AI

AI Bias & Diversity

Managing Risks and Cybersecurity

AI is one of the most powerfully disruptive technologies of our time, empowering decision making and precision forecasting, augmenting human capabilities, and improving the transformative potential of analytics.

It’s imperative for enterprises to begin an AI journey in order to compete and survive in an era of rapid technological disruption. Yet strategy and misconceptions about AI are the biggest obstacles to AI adoption.

Learn why you need to become an AI company now, how to identify what you want from AI, what potential value this technology holds for your company, and how to achieve realistic outcomes.

From understanding the role of leadership in driving AI progress throughout the organization, and designing AI roadmaps around attainable objectives, to implementing B2C and B2B customer experience strategies, and developing ethical AI frameworks, these curated courses will provide a 360° view of AI so that your organization can be future-ready.

Designed in partnership with global technology leader, Microsoft, these courses will position your enterprise to enhance business processes, culture, and capabilities to help you innovate faster and stay competitive in an increasingly cognitive business environment.



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Who this course is for?
  • Executives, C-level, and management who want to further their education and understanding of AI.
  • IT teams who wish to learn more about AI solutions, or are hoping to implement an AI solution to automate business operations and processes.
  • Marketing teams in search of a new approach to analytics and decision making.
  • Organizations who want to build AI strategies for automating mundane tasks and enable employees to perform more valuable work, and future-proof their company.
  • Individuals who want a more comprehensive understanding of AI, or who wish to explore advanced analytics in new and exciting ways.