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  • Conversational AI: Take Your Customer Experience from 😡 to 🙂 at Scale

Conversational AI: Take Your Customer Experience from 😡 to 🙂 at Scale

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What You'll Learn

  • Why Conversational AI is a tool for accelerating digital transformation, and how it’s impacting modern business environments.
  • Understand the difference between Conversational AI and standard chatbots, including limitations and applications.
  • How to develop Conversational AI strategies and align them with overall business objectives.
  • Why you need to understand your end-user and customize your conversational design to cater to their unique needs and preferences.
  • Identify and overcome common challenges that can occur as you develop your Conversational AI strategy.
  • Understand how to select the best solution when you're ready to begin building your Conversational AI solution.
  • Why you need to use Conversational AI as a scalable tool for driving customer-centricity and increasing brand loyalty.
  • How Conversational AI is being used for customer experience innovation in various industries and sectors.
  • Why you need to design your Conversational interface to manage the natural way users interact and converse.
  • Identify and avoid common customer frustrations during Conversational interactions.
  • Use Cases and emerging Conversational AI applications in Telecom, Financial Services, Insurance, and Travel and Hospitality.
  • Why Conversational AI is a transformative, cost-saving solution for modern contact centers that are contributing to the development of new business models and revenue streams.
  • How Conversational AI increases high-value work for human call center agents and alleviates customer support challenges.
  • Why you need to integrate brand identity into Conversational AI design.
  • Understand the role organizational maturity plays in successfully aligning Conversational AI solutions.
  • How to identify and address common technical barriers to Conversational AI adoption.
  • Why you need to establish a robust ecosystem between your internal systems and third-party provider systems.
  • How to implement a unified Conversational AI framework across workflows, tools, use cases, functionality, IT environments, and end-users.
  • Understand why you should use conversational AI as an HR resource for automating menial and repetitive tasks for increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Why Conversational AI adoption is accelerating as a solution for enhancing the employee experience.
  • Using Conversational AI for increasing job satisfaction in the workplace.
  • Why Conversational AI supports the employee lifecycle.
  • How to use Conversational AI to create more integration, agility, and unification across HR, IT, supply chains, payroll, and back office.
  • Why Conversational AI drives faster, optimized collaboration in the workplace and helps companies cater to the demand for real-time connections.
  •  Why you need to use conversational analytics to address customer needs and pain points, perform sentiment analysis, and customer profiling.
  • How to apply conversational analytics to gain real-time views into customer interactions with your brand.
  • Understand how Conversational AI reduces service costs and fills in knowledge gaps surrounding customer support and conversational interface performance.
  • What metrics can help your company drive customer engagement, assess Conversational AI messaging performance and capabilities, and objective completion.
  • How to effectively manage Conversational AI implementation.
  • What business roles contribute to the management and maintenance of the different Conversational AI implementation stages.
  • Why a design thinking approach helps improve the speed of development and level of performance for Conversational AI solutions.
  • Why companies must emphasize ethics across Conversational AI development, adoption, and deployment lifecycles.
  • What Conversational AI system and solution vulnerabilities companies must anticipate.
  • How to effectively address potential challenges for security and data breaches, compliance, misuse, privacy violations, bias, abuse, and manipulation.
  • Understand why you must develop Conversational AI solutions responsibly and fairly using ethical best practices and frameworks.
  • How to develop Conversational AI to strengthen customer trust and brand integrity, and prevent reputational and organizational risks.

Course Content

Conversational AI Strategy Goals

Understanding & Customizing for End-Users

Common Conversational AI Strategy Challenges

Customer Experience Innovation with Conversational AI

Conversational AI Solutions: Telecom

Conversational AI Solutions: Finance

Conversational AI: Insurance

Conversational AI Solutions: Travel

Contact Centers Now and in the Future

Technical Barriers to Conversational AI

Creating a Unified Conversational AI Framework

Conversational AI Analytics

Reinforcing the Employee Lifecycle with Conversational AI

Challenges in Developing Responsible Conversational AI

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Conversational AI is one of the fastest accelerating enterprise solutions, and a top enterprise priority today and moving into the future.

As a scalable tool for intelligent automation, its applications are expanding across customer-facing, back office, and HR functions.

Learn what Conversational AI is and what it has to offer your business, and where conversational AI adds value for various tasks, operations, and use cases.

From learning about emerging Conversational AI across different industries to understanding how to navigate common challenges that can arise during implementation, these comprehensive courses will guide you through the entire process of planning and strategizing, development, implementation, deployment, and maintenance.

Learn what capabilities you need to build a Conversational AI strategy for your organization, moral and ethical considerations, key factors to consider during design and development, and which solution will fit with your company’s overall business objectives.

Built-in partnership with Pypestream, an industry leader in Conversational AI solutions, this course will empower your brand to further enhance the experiences of both your employees and your customers.



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Who this course is for?
  • Executives, C-level, and management who want to further their education in Conversational AI systems and understand what it can do for their business.
  • IT teams who wish to learn more about AI solutions, or are hoping to implement a Conversational AI solution.
  • Marketing teams in search of a new, scalable approach for the customer experience.
  • Organizations who want to build Conversational AI strategies, or expand the scope of their customer experience approach.
  • HR teams who want to learn about various dynamic Conversational AI approach to accomplishing administrative HR tasks, and want to improve employee culture and morale.
  • Individuals who want a more comprehensive understanding of Conversational AI, and what this solution can offer.